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Scuba In Arizona is not affiliated with any dive shop. We focus on providing you with the best one on one experience possible. Private Instruction allows you and the instructor to work out a schedule of training.  Classroom time can be held anywhere, even while having lunch.  If pool training is required, we can use your pool or our pool, as long as the PADI standards are satisifed.  Your open water final certification can be held local at Lake Pleasant or another location as long as we meet PADI standards.

Scuba In Arizona is flexible and can provide one on one training most anytime, working with your schedule needs, not our schedule. Please note, we only provide PADI training.  All legit organizations such as PADI, SSI, SDI, TDI and others follow the same standards (WRSTC, or World Recreational Scuba Training Council ) and the same goals.   It comes down to the instructor and the diver and criticizing another agency is bad character and wrong.  You should look somewhere else if this is what you get when you walk in any dive shop for certification.  Again, we all follow the same standards set by WRSTC.  It is the instructor and the student that make the difference with any agency, but that being said:

PADI is the world's largest recreational diving membership and diver training organization founded in 1966, with more than 70 percent of the market. This in no way indicates any one agency is better than another.   In the end, instructors should be the real focus.  If you are in doubt of an instructor's experience, ask to view their logbook, I am sure they will not mind ( how many dives are logged? ).

  You can view more information here->PADI and SSI

Now back to Scuba:

Diving is a sport unlike any other.  The world as we know it, is left behind, not even a tiny thought comes to mind from the world you left ( surface ). This is a world where we may wish, really wish that we did not have to leave. The only shift in thoughts, which may contradict this is when you are reminded it is time to surface.

You may think this is not for you, maybe a little fear, just the thought of going underwater brings doubt. This is another reason why private lessons can be beneficial as 1:1 ( one on one ) can be relaxing and fulfilling. If you ever wanted to try scuba, try it, do not let any doubt prevent you from an experience of a lifetime. There are many shops locally which offer a DSD program, free, pool confined, that introduces Scuba to most anyone under a tight controlled environment.

Scuba In Arizona
Training is simple and there is no need to worry, you will love scuba as it becomes your lifestyle!
Join me, Carl Sonny King and share your experience