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Prerequisites are different for the certification you are wanting to achieve.  Example: open water certification Minimum 10 years old,

Note: 10-14 year old divers earn a Junior Open Water Diver certification

1. Fins, mask and snorkel*
2. Compressed gas cylinder and valve
3. Buoyancy control device (BCD) with tank mount or separate backpack, and low pressure inflator
4. Primary regulator and alternate air source
5. Breathing gas monitoring device (e.g. submersible pressure gauge)
6. Depth monitoring device and timing device if not using a computer.
7. Quick release weight system and weights (if necessary for neutral buoyancy, or if required for skills practice)
8. Adequate exposure protection appropriate for local dive conditions. Note: The dry suit orientation requirement in this guide.
9. At least one audible emergency surface signaling device (whistle, air horn, etc.).
10. Dive computer or RDP (eRDPML or Table)

* Suggested ownership ( Fins, mask and snorkel ) We suggest you own Fins, Mask and Snorkel at minimum.  If not, we may be able to provide these as a rental but highly suggest you obtain your own.

Equipment, you may use your own equipment or rent for any open water dives.  For confined water, we will do our best to provide equipment or make arrangements on a need to have so keep this in planning.

Wet Suits are rented, we do not provide wetsuits at all, sorry.   A wetsuit can be rented at Sport Chalet and very inexpensive.